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Diabetes Treatment

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Diabetes Care
Prof.Wang Zhili was received in audience by president hu jintao on apr.2,2009
Prof.Wang Zhili was received in audience by prime minister wen jiabao on jan,31,2009

China Diabetes News

President Hu jintao meets prof.wang zhili and other scholars in british

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President of BCDH
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Welcome to Beijing Chaoyang Diabetes Hospital
Specialist Introduction
Wu Jieping
Professor S.R.Bloom President
Wang Zhili
Academician and former Vice-chairman of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee. Chairman of the Society for Endocrinology of U.K. and Vice-chairman of the Royal Society of Medicine( UK) Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine UK, President of Beijing Chaoyang Diabetes Hospital
Important News
Diabetes Care Management Becoming an Increased Priority for Health Insurers across New England
Lilly, Amylin, Alkermes Diabetes Treatment Misses Primary Endpoints
Study Says Patients Not Receiving Effective Diabetes Treatment
Roche Diabetes Care finds the support of the Health Ministry
Chinese Diabetes Patients Spend Big Bucks for Treatment
Symptoms OF Diabetes And Treatment
Global CEO of Denmark NovoNordisk visit hospital on 11st May, 2009
Johnson&Johnson global delegation visit hospital on 27th July, 2009
German Bayer Group Diabetes Healthcare Global Executives visit Hospital on 28th August, 2009
Indonesian Diabetes Educator Association visited hospital on 9th April, 2010.
Japanese Tokyo La Belle Vie Medicine Research Institute visited hospital on 15th April, 2010.
British OWEN MUMFORD Company visited Hospital on 2nd August, 2010.
British Endocrinology Society visited Hospital on 1st September, 2010.

Diabetes Treatment NEWS

nobel prize winner dr.cui qi visits bcdh
Dr. Cui Qi with
Professor Wang Zhili

Video Serve

1.East Giant - Dr.Zhili Wang
2.Sunset program - Diabetes knowledge
3.Tianjin TV 6 documentary files - Compatriot's national condition of home
4.Beijing TV 1 clinnic of the TV - The latest treatment method of Diabetes
5.The pumpkin can't lower the blood sugar
6.Dr. Wang acts as a guest on the China forum of People's Daily Online

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- Department of General Diabetes

- Department of Diabetic Foot Disease
- Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
- Department of Neurology
- Department of Renal Medicine
- Diabetic Eye Clinic
- Dental Clinic
- E.N.T. Clinic
- Emergency Care Service
- Test Center and Laboratory
- Department of Radiology
- Special Patient (VIP) Clinic

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